Adventures in Blogging

pexels-photo-459688.jpegSo, a little over a year ago, I started this blog. I had intentions of writing posts on my blog once a week, maybe more, as I had time – but for sure one post a month at the very least!  I hate to admit that 12 months later, I have a measly 7 blog entries and 3 followers. If this was a testament to my blog writing dedication, I would fail. If this was a popularity contest, based upon my 3 faithful followers, I would fail at that as well.

My unofficial title at work is Company Project Manager. I keep everything organized, help us keep our deadlines, help keep everyone on task.  You would think a simple task like putting up a blog entry every week or so would be an attainable goal.  You would think!

I think part of my problem is that with my job, I am at my desk for 40 or more hours a week. I get involved with what I am doing and though I force myself to take an hour lunch break each day, I usually miss my morning and afternoon breaks.  By the time 5:00 p.m. hits each day, many times I just turn my computer off.  I actually try to make a habit of turning it off. Since I work from home, I need some sort of separation between office and home … so turning my computer off during non-work hours is how I manage to get that separation.

This includes weekends too – I try *not* to turn this lovely piece of equipment on during Saturday or Sunday.  I mean heck – I get a break, doesn’t she deserve one too?  Which I guess brings us to the real dilemma – if my computer is usually off when I’m not working, when am I supposed to write these weekly or monthly blog postings for my 3 followers to enjoy?  I can’t write them during work, and I don’t want to write them during my lunch break, because it isn’t much of a break if I take my break to keep sitting at the computer.

So … in an attempt to be a more consistent blog writer, I’m going to try to do better than this 7 posts a year business, because really – 7 posts a year? What’s the point?  At that rate, by the time my 3 followers read my next post, they may not even remember who I am or why they are my follower to begin with.  And what a failed blog this would be if I started LOSING followers!

A friend of mine from the Outer Banks was challenged earlier this year by a friend to do one blog posting per day for a year.  She accepted the challenge, and has faithfully posted in her blog every day.  She is a great writer, and I enjoy reading her posts each day.  Every now and then as I am reading hers, I get mad at myself that I can’t make the same commitment – like I said, I’d be happy with one post per week.  That will be my new goal, one I am going to try to follow.  Whether I post at 7:30 a.m., 5:30 p.m. or sometime on Saturday or Sunday … guess we’ll see.

Stay tuned …


  1. Just because you have “3” followers doesn't mean you don't have people reading. 🙂 You're on my google feed so I look forward to your updates. I'd like to be more consistent with blogging too…once a week sounds like a fine goal, maybe I should join you. 😉


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