Stay Tuned … a Sneak Peek of What’s to Come

pexels-photo-965117.jpegTonight, I’m announcing a return to my blog. As I stated in one of my last posts (which I am a little ashamed that readers can see how long ago that was), I had intentions of wanting to do one post a week. I stated that after working at the computer all day, I struggle to sit here and write a blog entry.

However, I’ve been thinking about blogging again lately. Thinking of ideas of what I could write about, what I could share with my followers (and my non-followers who read my posts anonymously). So I’m back. And I’m going to try to do better. I can’t guarantee one post a day. I can’t even guarantee one post a week. But I can say I’m going to try to do better.

What should I write about in my more frequent posts, I wondered. Well … here are some ideas.

• I love to cook. I have subscriptions to several cooking magazines, own several (to say the least) cookbooks, and also make up my own things sometimes. Maybe I’ll share some recipes and/or cooking tips on my blog.

• I am a money-saver. I’m on a budget, which needs to be followed. I am a faithful Sam’s Club shopper, where I buy things in bulk and freeze in smaller packages as needed. I visit the local grocery stores during double and triple coupon days. I look for clearance sections and I go to discount stores. Yard sales and thrift stores? Love those too! Maybe I’ll share some of my bargain finds and money saving tips on my blog.

• I have two dogs. They are the coolest dogs ever (though doesn’t everyone say that about their pets?) I have a 7-year old golden retriever named Dakota and a 2-year old beagle named Mattie. These guys are so entertaining and funny. Maybe I’ll share some stories about them on my blog.

• Family and friends have told me that they love my writing. They tell me that I should write a book. I think you have to do a lot of magazine articles and columns – really get your name out there – before a publisher wants to look at a manuscript you wrote. But … some magazines I subscribe to have some writing contests coming up, and I’m hoping to enter them. Maybe I’ll share some of my contest entries on my blog.

• My boyfriend and I try to be very eco-friendly … or “green” as they are calling it these days. We recycle – and the trash company doesn’t pick it up for us each week. We separate it ourselves, we put it in our cars and drive it to the recycling bins down the road, get out of our cars in the 100-degree heat and throw all of the recyclables in their appropriate bins. We feed the birds, we have a compost pile, and we have barrels that collect rainwater so we can water the garden. Is there more we could do? Probably. Are we doing our part to save the planet? I think so. Do I think other people could do more to do their part? Yes. Maybe I’ll share some eco-friendly tips on my blog.

• The other night, our neighbors invited us to a concert downtown. Hayes Carll, a Houston native, was coming to town to share his (awesome) Texas music. It was held in the Brooklyn Arts Center, which was a dilapidated old church that someone decided to turn into a performing arts center. How cool. There are also live music performances held at local parks and other venues throughout Wilmington. We had a great time, and may be attending more of these events with our neighbors in the future. Maybe I’ll share some of these experiences on my blog.

• Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to relax. My job has been really busy and stressful, and I’ve had some trouble “winding down” after a day of work. A few things (in no particular order) that I’ve found help me to relax: crocheting, reading, cooking, painting (art … not walls), walking in the woods. I’ve heard that yoga is very relaxing, though I’ve never tried it. Maybe I will. And maybe I’ll write about it on my blog.

How is that for a teaser of what’s to come? Please stay tuned …

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