Vacation 2012 – Day 2

North Carolina to South Dakota and Back 2012

(Day #2 – Sunday, July 1)

ohio.jpegTonight for dinner, Nancy made us one of our favorite “Ohio” meals – ham loaf. Until I met Marshall, I had never had ham loaf before and I had absolutely no idea what I had been missing out on for my whole life.

In Ohio, and I’ve since also seen it in South Dakota, the meat department sells the ham loaf. It’s a mixture of ground pork and ground ham, which you take home and add some egg, cracker crumbs and seasoning to it, form it into a loaf and bake it like meatloaf. It is really tasty with Nancy’s hot pepper butter/mustard on top, and even better when served with fresh Ohio corn on the cob (which is how we got to have it tonight).

Normally when Marshall comes back to North Carolina after spending Christmas in Ohio, a few pounds of ham loaf is on the list of “things to bring home from Ohio.” Pork sausage is also on that list, which comes in both mild and hot and amazing in stuffed peppers. And, we can’t forget the Farmer’s cheese, which we can’t even BUY in North Carolina and some of the best Farmer’s cheese is made by the Amish folks in the area. Mary’s Pizza is also on the list, but I think I’ll write about that in a separate blog entry later this week.

Anyway – back to the ham loaf. When we get back to North Carolina, I think we may try buy some pork loin and some ham, throw them through our small electric grinder and make some of our own ham loaf. It will go perfectly with the two jars of hot pepper butter/mustard that Nancy added to our “pile” last night.

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