Vacation 2012 – Day 3

North Carolina to South Dakota and Back 2012

(Day #3 – Monday, July 2)

IMG_1261Let’s talk about dogs today. As you know, we brought our two girls with us on vacation – Dakota and Mattie. Dakota has spent the past four Christmas holiday seasons up here in Ohio with Marshall and his family since I always fly home to South Dakota for Christmas, and Mattie has spent the past two here as well. So, they are comfortable at Grandma’s house. And they are friends with Grandma’s dogs. Ray and Nancy have a 12-year old beagle named Dedra and a 2-year old brittany spaniel named Annie.

Mattie and Annie are the kids of the group. They are best buds but also get mad at each other, and love to play all day but when it’s time to rest and relax they go to their prospective big sister. I caught a cute snapshot today of Annie and Dedra sleeping on the chair together, while most of the time when they are awake they do their best to ignore each other.

Dakota and Dedra are the wiser older women of the group. Dakota still wants to act like she can play with the young dogs, which she can for about five minutes … but Dedra is old enough to know better, and she just does her own thing and silently keeps the rest in line.

You might say – “Gosh, four dogs in the house at once – that sounds crazy.” It does, doesn’t it? They actually do really well. The other night during doggie dinner time, I went to go help Nancy keep them all separated, and she has a system down. Plops one bowl down, says “You – here.” Plops the next down, says “You – here.” She does that four times, and each of the four of them LISTEN. Could have something to do with the fact that she makes them homemade chicken soup with rice, barley, chicken, carrots and green beans. If you are a dog, you better listen to the lady who is making that dinner for you – to reference the “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” cliche.

When someone comes to the door, they get an overzealous welcome from the four-dog posse. When we all leave to go somewhere, we get a farewell of crying and howling loud enough to carry through the air until we reach the car. When one dogs gets a treat, you can bet you better have four to give away.

In watching these guys all play together the last couple of days, I think I’ve decided that vacations and family time are just as important to dogs as they are to people. These guys are having so much fun.

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