Vacation 2012 – Day 4

North Carolina to South Dakota and Back 2012

(Day #4 – Tuesday, July 3)

pexels-photo-262967.jpegToday, I am paying homage to a small family-owned pizza joint that calls the rural Ohio town of Lisbon home: Mary’s Pizza. I first was introduced to Mary’s Pizza almost five years ago, when Marshall first brought me to Ohio to “meet the family” for Thanksgiving, about seven months after we had met. While staying at his Grandma’s house, for lunch one day everyone decided that we must have Mary’s Pizza. I had heard of Mary’s Pizza before and wasn’t quite sure what the hype was all about. Let me tell you, the hype is all about the fact that Mary’s Pizza is so … GOOD.

The “plain” pizza with meat sauce consists of an awesome Chicago-style crust topped with a really sweet tomato sauce that is filled with ground sausage. You can order a sausage pizza if you want to, but you can actually get plenty of sausage just by ordering a plain one. (Vegetarians don’t worry, if you don’t want meat on your pizza you just have to say “no meat sauce”). The sauce is then topped with mozzarella.

Our other favorite pizza from Mary’s (because you just can’t decide between the two, is a “white” pizza. It has the same awesome crust, only this one is topped with an olive oil and garlic sauce, aged Parmesan cheese, banana peppers and finally mozzarella.

One other cool thing about Mary’s Pizza is that you don’t have to buy it cooked – you can tell them you want to take it home and bake it, so you can pick it up and cook it whenever you would like. They freeze well too, and about twice a year they successfully make a trip from their small shop in Lisbon to our house in Wilmington. Whether Marshall brings them back from a Christmas trip or his parents bring them during a trip to come see us, I can tell you that Mary’s Pizza tastes even better in our house in Wilmington than it does here in Ohio – talk about a special delivery.

They are also open for lunch, and today for the first time I tried a chicken foccacia sandwich with basil mayonnaise, red onions, tomato and lettuce. An awesome sandwich but I have to say I think I’m partial to the pizza.

So, the moral of my story here is that if you are within an hour or two or even four of Lisbon, Ohio, Google “Mary’s Pizza” and take a detour. You won’t regret it. Just don’t come on Sunday or Monday because they are closed, but otherwise come have lunch or dinner. It’s so … GOOD.

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