Fishing, Reading and Family Portraits

BeachDistanceMy boyfriend, Marshall, and I went fishing on the north end of Wrightsville Beach the other day, near the Shell Island Oceanfront Resort. We go to the beach about once a week, sometimes twice, as we live just 15 minutes away. He loves to fish, and I love to read. We normally wait and go at 6:00 p.m., because that gives the beach time to relax from all of the visitors of earlier in the day (and allows us to actually be able to find a parking spot.) Also, the parking meters stop charging at 6:00 p.m. so that’s another bonus.

Anyway, the other day as I was sitting there as the sun was starting to go down, there was a family out there with a photographer getting their family beach portraits taken. This is a popular time of day for families to do this, as it is when the lighting is the best and makes beautiful photos. This family, as most families do when they get beach portraits taken, were wearing all white outfits – everyone matched.

The photographer took shots of them holding hands and walking to the water’s edge … holding hands and walking away from the water … sitting in the dunes (which you aren’t even supposed to go on the dunes, but for some reason if you are taking family photos then it’s ok.) They proceed to take family photos for 30-40 minutes, until they get to my personal favorite – the photos in the water with their clothes on. With their nice white dress clothes, the family is supposed to wade in the water – ankle deep, knee deep, make it look like they are taking a relaxing stroll on the beach with their feet in the ocean.

Well, the tide was coming up to high tide during this time and some waves were coming in higher than others. As they are taking the knee deep family photo, a wave came and knocked the one woman down. All the way down – she is no longer ankle deep or knee deep in the beautiful ocean, but sitting on her butt in about 3 feet of water. And the photographer is taking pictures of it. And the family is laughing. So was I, because I had given up on trying to read my book because this family was more interesting. The woman gets up and now her white pants are completely wet from her little wave mishap, and the photographer is STILL taking pictures.

This ended their photo shoot. I went back to reading my book, Marshall caught some fish, and then we went home.

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