sunsetI …
love dogs, prefer rainy days, am addicted to Toms shoes, wish I could meet Steven Tyler, love a clean house but hate to clean, can’t sit through a full football game or movie, love to cook, can’t stop collecting cookbooks and clipping recipes out of my magazines, own more than 1.000 books that I haven’t read but have full intentions of reading one day even though I’m not currently reading any of them, could live without a television, hate clutter, look forward to living on a farm again someday, am scared of fire, think rollercoasters are the coolest, am fascinated yet scared to death of sharks, love to swim, lived in Texas once, love Picasso’s art, miss my dad every day, love getting the mail and finding a letter from my Grandma, get seasick, had a panic attack on an airplane once, love sauerkraut and anchovies but not together in the same meal, have trouble keeping houseplants alive, love bright colors, wrote poetry in high school but haven’t done so since, can play alto saxophone, hate to be cold but hate to be hot even more, was a lifeguard once, love acoustic music, don’t like to burn candles, could eat Swiss cheese on anything, absolutely dread having to fly on an airplane – every time, sometimes drink wine out of my Pat O’Brien’s glass from New Orleans because it makes me feel special, am allergic to chlorine, like to wear dresses, collect art glass vases, cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, hate watching NBA basketball, wish there was more I could do to help our planet, could eat shrimp every single way mentioned by Forrest Gump, have ornaments to fill every single branch of my Christmas tree.

There is more, but that’s enough for now. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy!