The "Food in Jars" Mastery Challenge – December

To finish out the year of the 207 Food in Jars Challenge, the December challenge category was for Fruit Pastes. To be honest, I didn’t really have an interest in doing this one, aside from the fact that I ran out of time with the other holiday things I was making and doing.

I wanted to make some canned items to give as gifts to friends and family members.  I have a hard time giving away jars of things, because I have visions of someone trying one bite of something I spent precious time making, hating it and throwing the entire jar away. So, I bought a couple dozen of the 4-ounce half-jelly jars, consoling myself that if someone hates what I give them, at least it’s only a little bit that gets tossed. So many people just don’t understand how much TIME is involved in making these things!

Anyway, for my gift selection, I canned three new things that I hadn’t made before and wanted to try. I was in a cranberry mood and I love mustard, so my choices were: Cranberry MustardOktoberfest Beer Mustard, and Christmas Jam. For the purpose of gift giving, I also threw in a few small jars of Tomato Jam and Hot Pepper Butter/Mustard that I had made earlier in the fall.

I took quite a few jars to work for co-workers – in a variety so everyone could choose what they wanted – and the Christmas Jam was the most popular.  The Cranberry Mustard is my absolute favorite. Whole wheat bread, turkey breast, baby spinach, gouda cheese and some of this mustard – oh my goodness.


Also in December, my husband and I had a big baking day and made all kinds of things so we could put together some treat trays for some of our neighbors.  We had a good time, made a big mess, and the treats were appreciated by all.

Here are the things we made for the treat trays:

Orange Cookies – Family Recipe
Sugar Cookies – Family Recipe

Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Holiday pretzels dipped in melted chocolate. No recipe required!

So, even though I didn’t do the fruit paste category for the December challenge, I still got a few things accomplished!

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