Natural Facial Toner

Over the past 1-2 years, I’ve been trying hard to replace beauty and home products with more naturally based options that have less chemicals and other bad ingredients.  I’m working on a separate blog post where I’m going to tell you about all of the products I’m currently using – but for today I just wanted to quickly share how I make my facial toner.

Before I started making my toner, I was using Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Kelp Facial Toner. If you don’t want to make your own toner, I would highly recommend this brand! I currently use their Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel on my face and love it.

Anyway, the first time I tried to make facial toner, I was attempting to replicate Alba’s – and I can’t remember exactly what I did but I believe it was a combination of witch hazel, powdered sea kelp I found at the health food store, and I honestly can’t remember what else. It was a complete disaster. I kept it in the fridge and it was gross and it did NOT work.

For awhile after that, I simply used witch hazel – but it turned out to be entirely too drying for my sensitive skin.

Some time later, I tried again and kept it a bit more simple, and came up with this combination that works well for me:

The ingredients I use are are distilled water, George’s Distilled Aloe Vera Liquid (I like this kind because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated), witch hazel, and Eden’s Garden “Purify” essential oil. (You could use whatever brand or type of essential oil you want, but I love Eden’s Garden oils and the Purify Blend is my favorite.)


I buy glass bottles as I need from Specialty Bottle – they are great quality, reasonably priced and have great customer service. Anyway, for my facial toner I use an 8-ounce amber glass bottle.

I just put equal amounts (so in this 8-ounce bottle it’s 1/3 cup each) of the distilled water, distilled aloe vera liquid, and witch hazel.  I shake it all up, and I add about 10-12 drops of the Purify essential oil.  That’s it!

(I buy organic cotton balls for application, the last time I bought them they were Biologique brand and and I got them on Amazon.)

This combination works great for my face, I use the toner twice a day (once in the morning after I shower and once at night before I go to bed.)  If you make it, let me know how you like it!



  1. Interested to see what you do (with recipes) for home cleaning products…. especially a detergent that works well in an high efficiency washer.


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